Sunday, February 5, 2012

Itch to Stitch?

  As you have all likely noticed I have begun sewing. By myself I have made: a purse, psyduck, and a derpy pony. An with Granny Linda (greg's grandmother) I am finishing a skirt for my mother. I really enjoy sewing it's very fulfilling to struggle with and conquer a project, even if right now they are looking very shoddy. Yesterday I worked with Sky and Wren on making their own ponies. We took the pattern I used and enlarged it, because a big part of my problems came from the pattern being too small. Then we changed when we sewed on the mane, added hoof bottoms, and used buttons for eyes & cutie mark. Generation 2 pony came out a lot cuter and I'm very proud of the work that was accomplished.
   The night was fun too :) our saying for the night was "I don't know what went wrong." in a derpy voice, while trying to figure out why such and such didn't work. There was also lots of jokes about My Little Pony, and a hilarious wondering at a pony vagina that was a hole in the stitching. We half machine sewed and half hand sewed which both have there pros and cons. Anyway it was so so much fun that we decided to do another sewing adventure on the 12th at 4. I am telling you the exact stuff, because if you want to come over and try your hand at sewing you are welcome too. If you or your parent has a sewing machine you can borrow then bring it, if not then that just means you will share mine. We are going to make T-shirt dresses next time and maybe a mini plushy. The t-shirt dresses we will do by machine, but while we wait you can use my extra felt to hand stitch a mini plushy heart or seahorse. If you want to come bring 10 dollars to grab clearance fabric from Joanna's for the dresses. I will have made one already so I will just assist anyone who wants to learn.

   Anyway sorry if this sounds like an ad but I just love sharing my joys with you guys and teaching what I know to others.  


  1. Sounds fun! I wish I could make the T-Shirt thing, but I'll be at Regionals that weekend. Maybe next time though!

    I'm going to attempt to make a huge jacket for Fanime, so maybe we can get together and work on projects together.

  2. That would be awesome, jackets are hard and I have never made one, but I am also going to be making an outfit for fanime so we can at least share the experience.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! :) I would love to get better at sewing, I honestly have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to sewing, lol! XD I actually want to make a jacket too! I have to find a pattern for it though!