Monday, January 23, 2012

Music Surfing

   Today I spent a lot of time on Pandora listening to music based off of Lily Allen and Fine Frenzy, which are two of my favorite artist instead of forcing myself to write my paper or do productive things I'm scared of doing. So I thought I would list up some songs that I liked and see if you guys enjoy any of them. Keep in mind I like pretty mellow music and after a bit some of them might sound alike.

To start with this this is Lily Allen's song "Fuck You" which she wrote about George Bush. Not all of her songs have this much cussing, but I thought I would put one of her more upbeat songs before I drown you in soft sounds.
The Hush Sound performing "Wine Red", recommended to me by Sky Simard.

This is Kate Nash who has a very similar sound to Lily Allen. She was also discovered on myspace, like  Lily Allen and they help prompt each other on their web pages.

Fine Frenzy is another band I enjoy a great deal since Greg got me the CD for Christmas this year. Hopefully the quality of this video is okay. This is her song Almost Lover which is a favorite of mine along with Hope for the Hopeless.

This is a VERY awesome song by Regina Spektor called Calculation, that I just discovered on Pandora and I already like a great deal. More upbeat then some of the other songs I have chosen.

This is Jem singing Come on Closer. She is a welsh singer with a bit of a electronic pop feel to her music.

This is a song I'm sure you have all heard "Way I am", by Ingrid Michaelson. I have always loved this song,but never knew who sang it. I looked up some of her other stuff and it is just as awesome so I recommend you give it a look.

Amanda Seyfried “Little House” from Dear John Soundtrack. I haven't seen this movie, but I stumbled upon this song from the soundtrack and I really enjoyed it. The song is actually sung by the actress so I say she is pretty multi-talented, in fact I might go buy a song of hers faster then a movie.

Anyway that is the last video I will put up, and congrats to you if you actually listened to all of them.
Some other people I recommend thus far are:
Leslie Feist/ 1 2 3 4
Frou Frou/ Let Go (Another song I loved and never knew the artist to)
The Gabe Dixon Band/And the World Turned
Jaymay: Sycamore Down 
Brooke Fraser/What to do with daylight
Ting Tings/ Shut up and Let me Go
Landen Pigg/Falling in Love in a Coffeeshop
Norah Jones/ I think it’s gonna rain today
DEV/Dancing Shoes
Lenka/The Show
Alex Parks/Mad World
Priscilla Ahn/Dream
Natalie Imbruglia/Shiver
Karmin/Crash Your Party
Emeli Sande
Plain White Tees/ Rhyme of Love
Adele19/ Daydreamer
Florence + the Machine/ Dog days are over
Kate Bush/Wuthering Heights (don't watch video's b/c they will make you laugh)


  1. I can't listen to any right now, but I know some of them! Fuck You, Foundations, The Calculation, and The Way I Am are all songs I love. I think Foundations might be one of my favorites.

    Dog Days are Over, Rhythm of Love, and Let Go are all awesome too!

  2. Hopefully that isn't because the video's aren't working. If they aren't showing up I would wait a while and if they still don't appear refresh the page.

    1. No, just at a place where I can't play sound. I'm sure the videos work fine!

  3. love 'almost lover' and 'fuck you'. I will have to check out this channel :D