Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Day

  So today has been long, but not too bad. I have class late on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I was able to sleep until eight which felt great. But as soon as I woke up it was go time. >.< I immediately showered and ate so that I could work on my essay, which isn't coming along in a hurry because I'm nervous to write it and also I keep having to put it aside for more immediate homework.
  After that I went to the JC to visit Greg and have lunch with him, we haven't been able to see each a lot since we started school. In fact I think we have seen each other a total of four times and at least half of those times we just  had sex and passed out from being exhausted from our day. So I felt like I really needed to make the effort to see him during the small break I had. It was very nice, I have to say that my love for him has only grown over the years. There is still no one I love to see and talk to more then him, and I still get giddy every time I look at him and he is smiling at me. It was a small visit were we grabbed a burrito for lunch and we talked about classes, different kinds of physics, the differences in definition of childhood throughout time. We often have talks like this, but not always. Sometimes of course we don't know what to talk about and about yearly we panic that we have nothing in common, but it always passes. It's true we don't have a lot in common when it comes to interest, but we have larger things in commons like humor, values, and ideas, so I usually don't worry.
   Next I went to Astronomy where I vaguely remember learning about poles, perceived movement, and the tilted axis in relation to the seasons. The class barely exists to me and I will likely only worry about it before tests, because that is the way I am with large lecture classes. I got an hour or so break afterwards to go see my friends ( I should of written more, but I miss them) which was awesome because its been a long while since I have been able to stop by. I said hello to everyone and went on errands with Chelsea and Moe who have convinced me to come to fananime with them.
    When four o'clock does finally come around I have to go off to Childhood Development and Phy. it's a pretty interesting class I just wish that it wasn't so late in the day ( I owe Moe coffee!) and that the teacher used some sot of visuals when he talked, any visual would be good. Today's class was fairly chaotic because half of us couldn't do the online reading and the other half didn't have a book yet for the other reading, so the teacher was a little lost on how to handle class today. The first half of the class was on where we might find places to work with kids (btw anyone who is interested in stuff for their resume or just like tutoring "studybuddies" through JUMP is the best one to try.) Then we discussed how children and childhood was viewed in the Middle Ages, which is fairly interesting because a child became an adult at much earlier ages some even as early as seven so it was discussed where the ideas of childrearing might have come from: the first idea of children as weak instinctual  beings that need guidance comes from the Catholic Church and the idea of children as naturally good until corrupted by society (thus a handsoff approach was used) came from Rousseau and Marxist. Next week we will dip a little into the long debated subject of nurture vs nature. I already have a opinion on that, but I will leave that for next Tuesdays blog.
   Anyway came home at 7 and haven't stopped doing homework until now: 11. This is my break, lol. Oddly enough I think I will be adding more to my schedule and sign up for tutoring and classroom work, because I want to remain plugged into schools and children.

    So what do you think about nature vs. nurture in its effects on children?

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  1. Glad you got to see Greg. I know how much the little things can matter.

    And about your question I believe they both present an equal role. Where you grow up will have a big effect on who you are because it will be what you see around you. Also, even lets say your parents try to keep you away from most things- at school you will experience things they cannot control.
    But nurture plays a large role too. I know I have found that the older I get the more like my mother I become and that is because that is again what I was surrounded with as I was developing.

    But that is just me